Non Member rating system...New BCS?

Can I be in the top 20? That would be cool, like the BCS. Come out with the rankings once a week with a playoff at the end of the year.

I vote for Rutgers…, wait crap…I’m from Michigan…Yeah that’s it where you live will be your rank and you can compete with the other teams…:mrgreen:

On Nov 18th, can I be #1???

Chuck, like USC you can be #3 and just wait for #1 and #2 to knock each other off, and slide in to compete for the championship.

I only wish we got to vote on other members!! THAT would be GREAT fun!

Good idea, Non Members can rank nachi members on a seperate poll! At the end of the year we can have a Super Post Off, we’ll do it on the same day as the Super Bowl!

Hey don’t laugh, they said the AFL would never beat the NFL!

Is there a point system? Or is it just a opinion poll? You know…

10 points for usefullness to all members
8 points for usefullness to most of the members
6 points for usefullness to some of the members
4 points for I think it’s usefull
2 points for not sure but I think he or she is BSing us
0 points for this post is pure ferryizm

1 point Extra credit for humor
10 points Extra credit for kissing Nick’s A$$ like a vendor

How about an EBAY system?


Anyway, How’bout those Dems? Fuk, I probably just lost a few points…

There’s always next week…


Chuck, you have been gone to long, you are forgetting how to think like a nahci-honcho.

It goes something like:
10 points for being a vendor
8 points for offering a “nachi discount” on an overpriced item that no one needs
6 points for announcing a new idea or benefit that might someday be implemented (while completely forgetting about at least one other previously announced idea or benefit)
4 points if you have a title but no member ever voted for you to hold a position of influence, regardles of what you post
2 points if you post a cheerleader message with no useful content (like “another great idea, nick! nachi rules!”)
and 0 points (or perhaps a negative number) if you disagree with an officially held position or have the letters MAB associated with your name.:smiley:

Can you imagine? Someone thought my reputation on the above post was “somewhat negative”?

Good ones Joe. Yours were much more thought out, and all on the mark! This place has gone nutty!

Oh…NACHI Rules!!! Thanks Nick for all you do!!! === 4 points (reputations)!!!

At least I’m only slightly unhelpful…I’m sure to be totally useless soon.

Hi Chuck, I would give you a positive rating but it seems I have been to free and easy with my ratings today, maybe tomorrow I will be allowed to rate agian.:smiley:

I just gave you a positive rating for giving out so much ratings:nachi: yes Chuck I hit your rating as well :wink:

ps: the BCS rating system< Nachi rating system :wink:

Thanks Chris I feel honored…Today is the day Michigan @ Ohio St!!! I already had my first beer…Go Blue!!!

Come on Chuck you know that Michigan is going to get their butt kicked today. I really don’t even know why they are showing up. It would be best to just stay home and forfeit the game.

Go Bucks

Now don’t go and check my box.

It should be a great game. I have fond memories of watching this game in Columbus, Ohio when I was a kid.

The only good thing about the Buckeys is there mascot…I mean who can argue with a peanut butter and chocolate cookie…mmm…The best one’s are on the counter at the liqour stores!!!

Seems like I got a lot of red squares for this one Chuck, you bring in a tough crowd.:smiley:

No kidding - I got a negative square on the post where I noted that someone gave me a negative sqaure for the previous post!:smiley:

Don’t worry BK - if it gets too tough on you, there’s always room for you here at the Society of Slightly Unhelpful People!!:smiley: :smiley:

They really do not sound unhelpful enough for my tastes Joe.:mrgreen: