Non Operational FAU

During a routing inspection of a home today, I encountered a non-operational heating system. The gas valve mounting and burner compartment access panel had been removed, for apparent repairs. The fuel shut-off valve was present, and appeared in serviceable condition, so I continued with a visual inspection of the unit. Burner compartment appears clean, with no signs of rusting. Gas supply hose and combustion air venting appear serviceable. Recommended further evaluation and repair by a qualified HVAC technician.

You found something not working so whats with all the goofy detail about gas valves etc.

You have a question or something ?

Gas valve on ? lol

It was till he tested it .
Apparently he turns shutoffs and not so bright.

Afraid to ask about the 59 cent pliers and what he was testing inside that old thing.

Is he a CMI ?