Non-Transferable Wind Mitigation?

I have read the previous thread (2011) about this topic but just curious how the rest of you are currently handling this issue?

Just had an upset insurance agent and an angry home buyer call me. The person who sold the home called me for a wind mit, I didnt know until after I completed the inspection that my customer was selling the home.

Today when the new home buyer called and explained I just completed the wind mit, I told the home buyer I cannot change the name on the form, and explained that the form is non-transferable and that the information was correct at time of inspection and cannot be changed.

Is this bad customer service or better to CYA?

Their problem not yours. I would have no problem selling them their own without returning. I may offer a discount if no one pissed me off. If they pissed me off full price.

I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say.

When did you do this inspection.

The new buyer should have been the one to call for the inspection. My question is, in order to gain access, did the seller, call just to make the appointment for the new buyer? If so, I’d change the names and have the buyer sign the form and send it out, no charge.

Now, if I did the inspection 3 months ago for a buyer and the deal fell apart and someone wanted me to “update” the report, I would go to the property, get new signatures, and charge, probably a discounted rate.

You would also have to understand, at the current time and in the past, I don’t do stand alone wind mits or 4-points.

My customer was selling the home and bought the wind mitigation for the buyer around 6-8 weeks ago. My customer told me after I completed the inspection that she was buying the wind mitigation for the buyer of her home. I explained to her that the WM is non-transferable as the inspection had already been completed and signed for by her. The buyer called me today, as previously explained, wanting me to put the wind mitigation in her name. I explained that my customer signed the document and I cant change the name.

Not sure if this is the best course of action…

Then if she was “Buying” or paying for it, I would have put it in the Buyers name then.

It sounds like there is more to this story…

If what you are saying is actually what happened, then I would change the names and get the buyer to sign the form and not charge them as a courtesy.
As long as I was comfortable it was an honest mistake.

Next time ask what name the policy will be under because that is the name that should be on the 1802…doesn’t matter who pays or orders the inspection. Sounds like a miscommunication to me.

I agree with Eric, just change the name but leave the original inspection date on the form (for this particular instance)…no charge.

We all make assumptions I guess. 99% of people that call me for a wind mitigation are doing it for themselves. I had no way of knowing what my customers intentions were until after I completed the inspection, as stated a few times.

I guess it doesnt really matter who signs the form. It says “Property Owner” at the top of the form, not buyer or policy holder…