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Just a quick note to all about our upcoming family get together On Aug 21, 2004.

Tri-tip marinated in beer and soy sauce
Portobello mushrooms marinated in Olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and fresh garlic
Chicken marinated in Tequila, lime and cilantro

We'll also have Caesar salad, water, fresh lemonade and iced tea.


We'll also be giving away the following items:

1 complete set of Code Check and Code Check West donated be NACHI.

New Canvas Lone West tool bag donated by Marinspection

New Jabra EarWave Bud hands free headset for mobile phones (except Nokia) donated by Marinspection

If you have something you would like to donate or know of a company willing to donate something to be given away please contact me ASAP.

This is a get together to recognize our families and how much they contribute to our success.

Remember the cost for this is really small, $15.00 per person or $45.00 for a family of 4. Got more than 4? kids under 12 are only $10.00

We need to know soon the # of persons that will be attending so that we can get the food order together.

Contact me @

This is open to all (members and non-members).


The location is Novato, CA at the Josef Hoog Park DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;address=558+Marin+Oaks+Drive&city=Novato&state=CA&zipcode=&search=++Search++

Scott Smith


Vice President NorCal NACHI Chapter

I graduated from collage. Now my life is all mixed up.