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Now that’s what I call shelf space!

There are certainly a lot of names and places but when I click on the towns that I service, my name comes up but so do the names of about twenty other inspectors who are nowhere near the particular town. Not very helpful for a consumer who is trying to find an inspector in a certain area.

I have to agree. I pull up my area and there are local inspectors maybe 8 miles away that are listed well below an inspector that is over 90 miles away, and the zip codes are miles and miles apart also.

There are some that have zip codes that abut each other but that is in the middle of Puget Sound. To actually get from one point to another in that instance is over 100 or more miles.

So how are the rankings figured out? By actual road mileage or just proximity from one zip code to another?

Ok, there are some obvious problems with this system. If you look up Gananoque Ontario Canada, I am listed well down the page. The trouble is that, judging by the telephone numbers I am THE ONLY INSPECTOR LISTED WHO LIVES IN OR NEAR GANANOQUE!!!

Select Kingston Ontario and I am listed near the top even though I live 20 miles away ( That’s Ok as a large portion of my business comes from there, I am just pointing out an obvious shortcoming of the system)

What are the parameters used to decide the list positions?

just did a search on my town here is what I got

Here are some locations near Elginburg, Ontario that you might be interested in:

it would seem I live 7 miles from my own home town withen my town.
along with the fact I was 6th in placement as well, and I did a search on address and I do infact have elginburg as my addy.
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