North Carolina loosing at least 400 Active Inspectors

I took my annual continuing education this past weekend. The instructor said that 400 active home inspectors have decided to go inactive. There are only around 1300 licensed inspectors in the state. So roughly 25% will not be able to perform home inspections this year.

Also, several of the students said that they have been getting calls from CE instructors letting them know about classes and discounting the rates. Apparently, they are having a hard time filling the 5 student minimum at classes. So, I would guess there will be a substantial number of inspectors letting their licenses expire.

Hope the economy gets better for everyone’s sake.

Licensing solves nothing.

Remember…home inspectors who advocated this law did it to protect their jobs from part timers who were taking away their business and keeping their fees low.

Part time home inspectors SUCK for the most part. So if was licenesing that weeded them out, it solved something

The cost always exceeds whatever the perceived benefits licensing brings. Whenever you turn your livelihood & profession over to government clerks who are clueless to what we do expect unsolvable problems.

…and pocket money for them.

I would also expect to see the number of unlicensed inspections to grow since the ones on inactive status will still get some calls that they may have a hard time turning away.

No worries. Sign up for free section 8 housing in Atlanta. Obama will take care of us. :wink:

Mr. B.Kelly
Quote:Part time home inspectors SUCK for the most part.
No Mr. Kelly, some of us are just trying to gain ground, pay our dues and keep our prices up were we can live. I work just as hard as you do, just not quite as often I would guess.

And your skills are not as sharp from constant use…for the most part

Just reading the posts from States where the Unlicensed Inspectors are is amusing…

The loss of inspectors in NC has little to do to licensing (it costs about $500 to keep your license in NC plus GL insurance). “It’s the economy, stupid!” Houses here aren’t selling. Multi-inspector firms are now single-inspector firms. Less established home inspectors are shutting down and going to work for Home Depot.

I know that Joe, the Economy has affected a lot of people… :frowning:

I would really like a newer vehicle… Put a thousand bucks into the truck Tuesday for brakes, shocks, and struts…better than more payments right now.

Me too, except mine was for starter, A/C blower motor, and power steering pump. :twisted:

Doesn’t Obama have some sort of voucher for that kinda stuff? :smiley: Spares for Squares?