North Carolina State Licenure exam

Hello all,

I’m a 26 year military servicemember (Army), and about to retire soon. I’m a AHIT graduate, and working my way through the courses here. I have also attended a external “pass the test” clinic. Anyway the NC exam is not easy by any stretch. The questions are cloudy with more than one right answer leaving you pick the one that is “most correct”. The State requires you to make at least a 70%, I have taken it twice now, scoring a 67, and a 64.5. If anyone is near FT Bragg, or Raleigh and cares to help me out that would be great. I’m trying to crack the code on passing this, with only one more opportunity before I retire.

With Regards,
Dale Campbell

Everyone has the same complaint about AHIT, so you aren’t alone.

Go here:

Dale, you need to take a “Pass the test” or test review class from this company. Its well worth the money. They are in NC and know the NC licensing process well.