North Korea is counting on Obama...

to win. They have started reassembling their Nuclear Reactor. Be afraid, very afraid!

Can you see them from your house…or do you have another reliable source for this information?

Just heard it on CNN.

Ken…according to the reportyou cite, the N. Koreans are claiming that the current administration has failed to keep its word and has not removed them from its list of terrorist nations.

It also reports that the N Koreans “may” but are not definitely in this process.

From the report as I read it, we have more to fear from the present administration unless they can handle this with diplomacy.

Obama wants to play nice with all the world despots

That’s part of the “change” he wants to institute.

Bush just like making the world mad , and being full of cr-p.

Running out of intelligent things to say again?:roll:

Bush has broken treaties left and right .

Please list them and the reasons why he felt they should be broken.

Still waiting Bob!

Sorry on phone with clients,

In the 1930s, the Republican party fought to avoid any involvement in the affairs of Europe. As the Nazi threat grew, Republicans, infected by ignorance, selfishness and short sight, tried to stop the United States from supporting democracy and freedom. Today, the greatest threat to world security is man-made climate change. The jobs, homes and lives of millions of people - in the US as well as the rest of the world - are at risk from an ever accelerating rate of climate disasters. We must act now. Yet, as one might miserably expect, Republican isolationism has evolved, first to deny its existence and second to set the US against agreeing any effective international action.
Yesterday, the White House finally confirmed that President Bush has decided to rat on the 1997 Kyoto treaty. At Kyoto, the world’s developed countries agreed for the first time to cut emissions of climate changing gases. But White House officials are now taking legal advice on how to pull out of the treaty, which the US signed but which remains unratified by the Senate. This represents a terrible blow to the credibility of Bush’s new environment chief, Christine Todd Whitman. She recently advised the new president, in terms even a backward college student should have been able to follow, that climate change was a real and present danger.

Why should I care what his BS excuse is. 911?

The Bush regime will go down in history as the first and only administration in United States history to routinely break treaties.

The Geneva Convention. The nuclear test ban treaty. The Strategic arms Limitation Treaty. All have gone out the window under Bush.

There is no evidence that complying 100% with the Kyoto protocol will have anything more than an insignificant effect on the global mean temperature.

Good grief Bob, you just complained about being branded a liberal and then you damn near prove yourself to be one in the very next post. Do you really want to go there again with this Global Warming debate, considering your success in debating for it in the past?

All though I am actually rolling my eyes at the content of the writing, I do have to ask: Bob: Did you write this yourself? If you did I am damn impressed at the actual layout and punctuation. Koo dos to you! Just incase you did not could you tell me where I can go get this article? Thanks!

The news only lets you hear some stories from Korea. I have been station at the DMZ for many years. Things happened but were never reported on. Korea is the Army’s best kept secret

You noticed that too, hunh Randy! I think Bob is training in Tampa.

They are going to prove why they can’t trusted.

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I got this off a private search engine, that I use when in a hurry.

I have no way to get the url but here is the source.
<LI class=byline>Charles Secrett <LI class=publication>The Guardian, <LI class=date>Friday March 30 2001 <LI class=history>Article history

Here is the link

Bob, how can a treaty that was never ratified in accordance with our laws be “broken”?