North Lauderdale Building Department

Well I knew it would start happening.

North Lauderdale Building Department 954-724-7069

Now charges everyone even their residents a starting price of $7.50 for any record information.

I think that sucks and I personally have not come across any other municipality that screws their residents like this.

I think everyone who has to deal with this should complain for the sake of the rest of us.

At the least let people know what you think of the practice so folks can know how the City of North Lauderdale treats their residents.

Maybe it will help them to change their position on this if enough folks feel like I do.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

That has been going on since last year.
Parkland charges $25.00 for anything pre-1995.

So it seems to me the City of Parkland, Florida and the City of North Lauderdale, Florida both rip off their residents by charging them for building records.

What a shame.

How many other municipalities rip off their residents?

My hope is the residents of these areas find this and complain.

Many municipalities have records stored in boxes in hot un-airconditioned storage buildings and they are not well organized. If you asked me for something prior to computerization, it would take well over an hour to find. Seems like a reasonable fee for the leg work you’re asking the city to do because the homeowner didn’t retain their own records. Time, paper and ink ain’t free.

Welcome to the rest of the world. You were being spoiled, now it is over. Move on.

Not me jerk. The poor clients. I guess you are used to getting screwed by the government up there.

So I’m the jerk because you failed to provide in your post who exactly was being effected (not disclosed, just a generic “everyone”)…

With that attitude, I hope you get Royally F**ked in everything you do!!! You deserve what you get!!! :blank::blank::blank:

I can’t help it that you always come off like a p r i c k .
I just call em like I see em.

And you would certainly know what a P R I C K tastes like… oops… feels like… oops… :shock::roll::neutral:

Huuu hu hu hu… good one.

Always showing your class :slight_smile:

What I miss???:mrgreen:

Someone charged Mike 7 bucks for driving on their lawn… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I agree with Joe, everyone "Gotsta get paid"!

Not me I do not pay someone elses fees.

Now that’s funny!

Miramar charge you as well.

There are plenty more online.

Eric is correct none of building departments he has listed above charge, as yet I have not come across any department in Broward that does charge anything. I know there is one in Dade that charges $10.00 but I cannot remember who it was. :roll:

Parkland do not charge anything


wrong answer :frowning:

They apparently charge $25 for anything from 95 and earlier.

This is hearsay and I have not checked but I believe it is likely.

I have never been charged a penny by Parkland for any permit information, & I have always found them very helpful on the phone. Unless they have started charging since last Thursday as that was the last time I called them for a master permit application date as the house was built in 1995.