North Lauderdale Building Department

I have never been charged a penny by Parkland for any permit information & I have always found them very helpful on the phone. Unless they have started charging since last Thursday as that was the last time I called them for a master permit application date as the house was built in 1995.

I know for a fact that they charge. North Lauderdale does as well. Several other cities require that you fax a request (Davie and Coral Springs) and they will only answer questions pertaining to the wind mitigation inspection.

Maybe they like me, as I have not been charged yes Coral Springs do require a fax but they normally e mail me the information I need within an hour or so. I still call Davie and have never had a problem. I cant comment on North Lauderdale as I have never done an inspection there.


Like I said that is just what I “heard”

I was told by the City of Homestead awhile back that they require a written request accompanied by $70.00. That’s just from the inspector, I believe the homeowner may go in and not be charged.


North Lauderdale is the city that charges in my service area. Parkland doesn’t charge. If you do a lot of wind mits, it saves time to use Build Fax. They don’t have everything on file but they are pretty close to 70%.

You can tell that to my client who had to pay $25.00 to get the permits for her home built in 1994 in Parkland. :roll: All of the pre-95 records are in boxes in a storage facility off site from the building department…unless they moved them in the last three months.:shock:

I just called Broward County building records to get some permit information that is not on there web site. The intro message now states that there may be a fee before any information is given out.

Thank the O.I.R. and the new dumb a s s form.

I said that would happen.

Permit information has always been required.

nope not the same as it is now.

If you doing them correctly they where, or did you just take the home owners word for it.

Really? How many have you performed?

About 5,000

Well then. Weak question.

The accepted practices of providing and obtaining proof and amount of proof has changed drastically over the years and many forms.
Has it not?

Who said it was accepted, that is why there has been a re inspection program.

I see no reason to continue this discussion.

Tons have changed and for the worst.

You can see it any way you like.

Good luck.