North Texas Meeting

Are there any North Texas members who want to get together for a monthly or quarterly dinner? I’ll organize it. I would have it somewhere in North Dallas or Plano. For those who live far and away maybe we can pull one off in your neighborhood. Idea. Eat at a restaurant where we can have a speaker or just tell war stories. If past leaders remember how we got some CEU for it let me know. I’ll push the cart for a while.

I think it would be a great idea. The north Dallas or Plano is a wonderful location. Possibly start quarterly or every other month and build on that.

Hmmmmm. 111 views and 1 reply. What if I said free beer?

Somebody say free BEER?

John - The topless clubs off Northwest Hwy are always a good central location for a meeting.

I think this is a fine idea. However, I would like to suggest twice or three times a year at most just to encourage more enthusiastic attendance. The reasoning is that we all have fairly busy lives, and once per month is quite a commitment. I’ll venture to Denton area once or twice (which I hear is screaming busy), and would enjoy a reciprocal visit here to Waco. If we have a large group, Papa Rollo’s Pizza would be just the place for a venue or MC/speaker. They have a large annex hall. Oh, and they have free beer tomorrow!

I sill think it is a great idea, hope people tr and take it seriously and something gets going

Many of us might read all the TX postings even though we are a ways away from N. TX.

What’s wrong with Galveston County? You guys could cool off in the Gulf of Mexico.