North Texas NACHI elections for Board members

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North Texas NACHI is growing thanks to your participation!

In our last meeting we discussed the election of Board members and several people have already placed their names on the ballot. We are still looking for others who may want the opportunity to help us grow. At this time the positions discussed were President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Please note that North Texas NACHI does not charge dues but in the event we need to handle funds a Treasurer position will be filled.

If you would like to help North Texas NACHI continue to grow, thrive and are interested in applying for any of these positions please let us know. In addition to the four positions above if you think we will be in need of additional positions, and you are interested in assuming the role, please tell us so that we can have these placed on the ballot also. We will have a general election by the July meeting and need your submissions by 11 July 2005. Please respond to with your submissions and suggestions.

North Texas NACHI is your organization, let?s make it work!!

Manny (Emmanuel) Scanlan

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