North West Arkansas NACHI Chapter meeting in Fayetteville, AR on May 31, 2007.

Great News!!
I will be there!

All Points Home Inspection
Kelly Kennepp
Owner / Inspector
Central Arkansas

I wish I knew of this sooner I might have attended. I have considered moving out that way and getting a house up on Beaver Lake. But don’t worry if I do decide to make the move I’ll give you all plenty of warning so you can all find something else to do for a living. :smiley:

My former partner and good friend Dan Keogh writes:

And some say I’M cocky!!! :shock:

Funny thing is, if you know Dan… to some extent, he isn’t kidding.

Chester County, PA has my brother Ben, Dan Keogh and Joe Hagarty all in the same county. Kind of like the guitarists in the band The Yardbirds (Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page).