Northeast "Bomb Cyclone" storm

Hope all are fairing the storm safely.
We are getting hammered with snow and wind here tonight.
3’ snow bank from plow at bottom of driveway already.
Expecting 12-17 inches by tomorrow.

Stay safe and hope no one looses power.

Stay safe Marcel.
Ration that wine.
Don’t drink it all at once.:wink:

Anyone booking home inspections up there?

Bundle up! What do you use for a heat source.
I remember the blizzards in Albany NY when I was a kid.
The heat was those radiators with hot water recirculating in them.
I got in big trouble with my grandmother for being “creative”.
Used to put crayons on top of them & they would melt down all over the place. :twisted:
HAPPY I left & came to Florida in 1969. :smiley:

Stay safe and warm!

Stay warm

Yes, I have 2 today and 2 tomorrow. -35 and -45 wind chill respectively. Good times! People didn’t want to cancel.

Anyone else getting phone calls from past clients asking about frozen pipes? I had one client tell me I no one told him he needed to leave the heat on.

Well, we survived the storm of 12" or more with high winds and no power outages, thank god.
Marc, I heat with oil and have a wood fireplace I converted to propane.
My wife likes to use that in the mornings to get the chill out quick.
I installed that a few years back and love it.
I order some oil midweek, I was down to half. The delivery date was not until the 16th. I called today and told them they need to do something sooner, I won’t make it to that date.
I might have to buy a can and start lugging Diesel fuel.
All suppliers are flat out and the price is going up also.

We do water damage as well as home inspections (when I feel like it). Have turned down some beauties. It will really get going when it warms up a bit and the ice starts moving through the pipes. Early next week.

Bergy, you FLA boys are soft.

Could the Bomb Cyclone be God’s revenge against the Northeast for voting Democrat? Just asking.

Could it be God’s revenge for Trump being President and not believing in climate change?

I thought “global warming” was the problem due to man made CO emissions heating up the earth which would cause sea levels to rise and death and destruction.

Now the cliam is there is an erratic pattern to weather and nobody understands what it is causing it, so humans’ use of fossil fuel must somehow be responsible for heat waves AND cold waves AND wildfires started by illegal aliens and their careless campfires. “Climate change” is responsible for a hurricane in the gulf of Mexico, but we never hear it blamed for the hurricane that fizzled out in the ocean and never struck shore. :shock:

Newsflash. The climate is always changing. Is Greenland green?

You bet, did five during the worst of it. Temp of -17 and wind chill warning in effect. We don’t stop for anything.

It even showed in Tallahassee, first time in 28 years!