Northern Texas NACHI Chapters

Hey Guys,

Since I now live in Northern Texas, if any of the chapters of NACHI are around Northern TX and would like me to give a 2-4 hour class on Electrical Defects or quite frankly what ever topic you wish “Electrically” related…just let me know.

I am only willing to do this for NACHI Members…I have been contacted by another association to teach but I am extremely loyal to NACHI so will only do it for OFFICIAL NACHI Chapters.

Anyway…let me know if you ever need some Electrical Education…if you are in Northern Texas Area (within 35 miles of McKinney TX) and need some training just let me know…

I should add…I do this for FREE to show my loyalty to Nick and NACHI.


Saw that you were relocating to Texas and glad to see that you are now here.

I don’t believe there is an active INachi D/FW chapter anymore. TPREIA and INachi have hooked up and TPREIA is the more visible local presence.

As for CEs … that is a tough ticket in Texas anymore with the new rules from TREC to get folks approved for teaching qualifying credits. Even Simpson-Strong-Tie (which had a great program for all of us each year) is no longer on TREC’s approved list from what I understand.

Tough to deal with and I certainly don’t know all the details as I’m not nearly as active as I used to be. Maturity is setting in it seems.

Again … welcome to The Lone Star State.

Any plans in your future of making a move to California? :slight_smile:

Thanks fella…actually I was not doing it to give credits or charge anything. Just if their was a chapter and they needed some free education I would be more than willing to visit and speak on the subject.

Not really wanting (at this point in my career) to do any classes for profit anymore…I left those back in Virginia…I do just fine now without it…:mrgreen:

No Way…you Title 24 cats are…strange:twisted: