Not a "science project" but a home

A two-storey stucco high in the Gatineau Hills uses up to 90-per-cent less energy than a conventional home and packs one of the most impressive views around…

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It was a post like this that Got Bill Mullens suspended from OAHI for a period of time . Nice to see NACHI allows information from other associations .
I do not know of any Canadian forums that treat others as fare as NACHI does .
Information posted on Bill Mullens Canuk upset Bill and he removed them from his forum , The CANUK forum soon died from Lack of use after that.
The CAHPI list also suspended some members and it too has died.
CANNACHI also suspended some members and it too has very little use.
OAHI forum is seldom used .
PHPIO is for ??? ask **Lamont Cranston **he might be able to answer .