Not a waste of Time!

Attended Marketing World Tour in NJ this past week. Have been to many RA Ra meetings in past. This one was worth every penny. I did not got my web=page reviewed, (one page, not up to much) but I did pick up alot of info when other inspectors sites were viewed. The whole program was professional and not much hard selling of venders products. It took 3 hotels and 2 Hyatts to find correct site, but worth the agro. M Mulholland Caveat Emptor Home Inspectors LLC

Michael, Welcome to the message board.

Now that you had the opportunity to benefit from all the great information provided by Nick and his guest at the Inspector Marketing Tour take an opportunity to utilize the message board.

The more that participate actively on the board the more we will all benefit. Understand that participation takes a thick skin around here, and all personalities you encounter will not be agreeable with yours.

Take what works for you, and give what has worked for you.

Participation is one of the best ways to learn.

Welcome Michael! :slight_smile:

Don’t be a stranger to the MB!!! :smiley:

Welcome, exactly what troy said. Theres good info and experience we can all share here (just like any message board I presume, employ your BS filter and you’ll be fine)