Not Allowed in the Park

I just found out that I am now persona non grata at a local mobile home community. The realtor does everything as a transaction broker and the last inspection, he asked me to only report on major defects. I explained that I had to inspect and report in accordance with the FL SOP. When I did so, he was ticked. He told me that I apparently didn’t hear or listen to him. However, he was unwilling to sign an affidavit stating that items were intentionally left out per his request, so they remained in the report.
A new client scheduled an inspection, then called back to tell me that the realtor won’t allow me to do his inspection.
Any ideas on how to handle this fool? As a transaction broker, a detailed and thorough report protects him as much as anyone.

Call your client back and explain why the Agent doesn’t want you to do the inspection and that it’s not the agent’s decision to make, but the buyer’s. Make sure you can support any claims that you make.

I lifted this from a Houston Chronicle article on Transaction Brokers. The highlighted area below; maybe can be used as an angle to get him to back off and f-off?

Link to whole article at the bottom of my post.

“Transaction broker”**

A transaction broker can aid the buyer in preparing his offer for purchase, assist the seller in deciding what price to ask, facilitate communications between buyer and seller, write the contract, and help buyer and seller to fulfill the conditions of the contract and facilitate closing. Although not legally responsible to the buyer or seller, transaction brokers are * required by law to act with honesty and fairness in all transactions, and to exercise due care and skill in their work.
I dunno. I do know that if truly a law in all states, he sure sounds like he’s not living up to the letter of this law…


Good luck.

ETA: Trailer Parks are usually privately owned properties that rent spaces/lots to customers. If he’s a butt-buddy of the owner, there may be no way around the so called “ban” on you. Either way this guys sounds like a real $h!t heel.

If you already lost him… do you want Mark Cohen and I to send him a letter?

Interesting he can easily restrict free trade and do harm to business while dictating to his Boss and Client.

Wonder if the DBPR is aware of his unethical practices.

They could be if you file a complaint, which you should. Would also have to be filed with the realtors association. If he is not the broker, you should also be calling his office to talk to the broker

A love note would be in order.
Does the agent have the right to restrict your free trade causing you harm? :mad:

We all know I would raise hell just to make him miserable :slight_smile:

The so called agents that list/sell Manufactured homes are not necessarily RE Agents. The are car brokers. They have the same license as a used car salesman, and don’t play by the same rules as RE sales agents.

Call the trailer park boys!

Hmm. I hadn’t thought about that. You’re right. DBPR only shows him having a Null and Void Auctioneer License. Used car salesman is exactly his persona.

I recently had a similar incident with an agent whom was the listing/buyer agent. Agent was informed I was doing the inspection by the buyer who found us on the web. The agent has had listing before that I inspected and was aware of my thoroughness and length of time on the site. Agent apparently did not want me to do the inspection so they instructed the seller of the property to not allow me on the property which we found out when the buyer called us to cancel the inspection. :twisted: