Not Billy....


Wow, that guy was great on his commercials.

You know you’re getting old when people (your own age) are dying on a daily basis.

But wait!!! There’s more!!!

Billy Mays was a great, hard-working man. My friend Jamie bought Billy’s Rolls Royce. Here is a PIC of me in it:

Life is a pitch, and then you buy.

I am amazed at how many celebrities have died recently

Funny! Is that a Gromicko original or a “Billy-ism”?


Not that celebs are dying, it’s that they’re 50 years old. Damn, I’ll be fifty in 12 days, and hope to see 51, 61, 71, 81…:shock:

They say celebs always die in 3’s … but wait… Billy has thrown in an extra one for FREE … Call in the next 30 seconds.

He’ll be missed


Well played, Gerry

Yes he will be.

May the halls of Heaven always be Oxy Clean!