Not good for California

**CA: State Economic Growth Linked to Real Estate
**The health of the California economy in 2007 will depend on whether the current weakness in the real estate market saps the strength of the state’s retail sale s, tax base, or job market, according to a report released today by the UCLA Anderson Forecast. The economists at the forecast–one of the state’s best-known economic panels–concluded that both the state and national economy will likely be sluggish through next year before improving slightly in 2008.
Source: The Union-Tribune:(

Tighten your belts. This is undoubtedly true, but I sure hope they’re wrong.

Don’t worry Bill,

UCLA’s business department has been incorrect in their real estate forecast, 13 out of the last 15 years. Similar results from Chapman University as well. Gary Watts is the man with the best forecasting track record. I buy and sell when Gary says to, his forecasting has made many a wealthy real estate investor.

That’s encouraging, hope your right and the so-called expert is wrong.