Not old enough

To see every thing, had another first yesterday 3 tab shingles on a flat roof Wow??? how inventive can one be, did it leak hell yes

Just had one of those myself, complete with moss!!!

Gee wanta compare roofs here is another one from yesterday I had 3 inspections and the roof were bad on all three

Looks like this one could have easily been inspected, and reported on, from the ground.

So, why walk on it and damage it further?

I don’t weight 800 LBS do you;-)

Ya cannot see Chit from the ground when your only 4 feet tall:D

I love to walk on those multi-colored roofs. :mrgreen:
Usually find something extraordinair’:wink:

Even a midget without a red hat on a step stool could see that was fubar. :stuck_out_tongue:

He might be small with a red hat, but woman seem to like him. :wink:

Maybe even KEVIN but I’m not sure:twisted:

You know what they say. :slight_smile:

I believe in miracles.

You guys are drifting bad here lets get back to roofs and away from women.

I need to know where Gary came up with the concept that walking on a roof was going to damage it. I have been walking on them since mobey dick was a minnow and have never damaged one or seen one that was damaged as the rusults of being walked on.
Would someone please explain this to me in terms that this old man can understand and I don’t want to hear made up excuses. This sounds to me like something a desk jockey would say:shock:

Roofs get walked on plenty during the installation and don’t get damaged, unless it’s 100 degrees out, then even the roofer knows to get off it.

At least I did anyway.

I am a former roofer and home builder. Shingles get brittle over time, even newer ones. Roof decking flexes. Walk a wood shingle roof that is over 10 years, your asking for leakage. Go ahead: take the chance; it only takes once, then you end up in a wheel chair for the rest of your life. I have seen it too many times.

Gary that is just somethng that you have implanted in your thought pattern do you have any thing to back up your statement I don’t buy it one bit I walk 20 year old shakes here on a regular bases no problem. Sorry you are posting excuses not facts

Hopefully Charley does not become yet another inspector with a sad story about falling off the roof.

He walks like a butterfly, he should be OK. :):wink:

I was born at night but not last night;-) Oh BTW I am 67 years young and still ride out bucking horses can you