Not old enough

I bet every injured or killed HI thought the same thing.

No if one cannot walk and chew gum at the same time better to stay on the ground:D

Pride cometh before the fall.:roll:

Charley, you are putting other at more risk than they are getting paid for.

Yes I will walk a roof but certainly not all of them. There is no need to.

What can I say then chew your gum on the ground.

There are not many roofs that I don’t find at least one problem that would would not have been discovered from the ground or a ladder.

Old Indian saying (you don’t know what you don’t know until you know)

It’s called managing risk Charley. I cannot help you.

You’re apparently to old to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

First things first I did not ask for your help and don’t really have time to spar got a 10:00 am this morning and 3 reports to write from yesterday so you see I do just fine managing my risks:p

No need to get pissy Charley.

Good men can disagree.

I wish you well either way.

Getting back to the original post - I think it looks fine. They just should have used more tar. :wink: :wink: