Not part of my regular home inspection but...

I don’t normally inspect basketball nets but could help but take this picture… :mrgreen:

That motion detector might be pretty busy, as long as it’s in working order :slight_smile:

Reminds me of this picture I just took during a home inspection in Fonthill, Ontario. The glass shower stall enclosure door is set to smash into the new marble counter top when opened. I hope that safety glass is high quality, might want to keep your work boots on in the shower just in case :smiley:



New Construction

  • Side by Side Refrigerator installed against the finished drywall.


  • Defective installation of Refrigerator. Refrigerator is not designed for use in this application due to lack of clearances (165 degree swing minimum required per manufacturer).
  • Recommend replacement of the Refrigerator with a model suitable and designed for this application. **

**These pic’s need to get to Marcel for the defect photo contest. **

Thanks Jeffrey Jonas. I will gladly take your advice.