Not Quite Grounded

On today’s morning appointment…

This is in the raised foundation. The grounding electrode conductor (GEC) is attached to the flexible metallic conduit, which is obviously wrong, but the kicker - the FMC never even touched the ground. It came out of the service panel and traveled about three feet, directly into the kitchen.

The sellers agent said, *“this house was built to older codes, and this was allowed back then.” *My client is a retired electrician (IBEW), so I just smiled :smiley:


The outer jacket of BX was not for grounding it was for wire protection .
There was a single wire inside or a flat aluminum strip for grounding.
They have found current in the Jacket caused a lot of fires .
This looks Like a steel jacket real old … Roy

Well that will be an easy fix for your client. Good thing there were no lightning strikes.

That was my thought as well.