Not Quite Right

I decided to share this.

This is a secondary panel that also feeds yet another panel

Look carefully.

240V circuits?


Not sure what you mean.

Well I was thinking the red and black conductors came from a double pole on the main panel but were now in one lug on the sub panel.

I see the obvious direct tap, but it also looks like the neutral terminal has been bonded to the grounding terminal.

So you saw that black wire did you? :wink:

Here is the next being fed by those direct taps.

That was their idea of a bonding jumper :smiley:

I added a pic of the next panel too

Now I get it. They didn’t quite understand the difference between grounded and grounding

The funny thing is they installed a nice 200 amp panel and the chain fed 3 more remotes.

All had the grounded conductor and grounding conductor bonded together.


Here is a good document to keep on hand and read occasionally for a refresher.

That is a great link. Thanks for sharing it. It is now added to my electric info reference folder.

Thanks for sharing that the link

Nice link info. thanks

Thanks for that link Michael.


Yes that is a good one I agree!

Yes I did and yes I do. Thanks

I will edit the mistake.