Not really sure why they sent me this message

Did anyone else get this?

seniors and the 4 point inspection

Saturday, January 24, 2009 2:12 AM

“Coach Bunningham” <>


Many seniors living in homes that are 50 years old. Are frighten about the 4-point inspection,
If the inspection fails the seniors on fixed income would cost them thousands.(Like Electric/Plumbing/
Of dollars they do not have. Yet many insurance companies require the inspection.
Just another hardship for the elderly

My response:

Not really sure what your point is.

I will share my opinion since you felt a need to share yours with me.

We can no longer afford to have the “Just another hardship for the elderly” or what ever group you want to cry foul over attitude. I don’t want my insurance premiums to go up because the insurance industry writes polices on properties that they have no information on and then after the fact discover that the claim was caused by something that could have been corrected before writing the policy. Insurance companies can not write policies on homes that have defects that could result in a claim at best or loss of life at worst. If the person wanting insurance is not willing or unable to correct any safety hazards that are reveled with an inspection, then they should be willing to live without insurance.

The only person responsible for being on a fixed income is the person on a fixed income. They should have planned better during their working years.

Ouch Greg,

Not sure a response was even needed but perhaps a little empathy would have been appropriate in yours.

I am personally aware of a few older folks on a fixed income that planned well for retirement yet lost most of their savings due to factors beyond their control.

I can see where the elderly may need assistance to help comply with the observations pointed out in a four point inspection. Maybe there are already organizations in place that can help them with that, I don’t know. If not, maybe we should consider forming one.

Seems like a worthwhile cause.

Same here…one never knows what will happen in the future. Planning is good and I hope it works out for everyone as the hope it will.

I received much from older folks as I was growing up and am pleased to help where I can.

I agree my response was hard.

But that is what we have to start doing as a nation or we will never get out of the mess we are in. People have to take responsibility for their actions or lack of.

I have no problem with helping someone out on a case by case basis but I will not stop a complete program simply because it may inconvenience a few. We have been doing that for too long and look where it has gotten us. We have some tough times ahead of us. We had better get used to making the hard choices.

I am the biggest proponent of accountability but the elderly are the wrong group of people to apply this logic too. Of any group, they are probably most deserving of any assistance society can offer them. I would prefer we start holding able bodied persons accountable first.

For discussion:

It seems to me that we have taught people in this country that even if they don’t bother to provide for themselves in retirement the government bank account will be available to them to get them through.

What about their own families?

If this notion is allowed to persist we will truly become a Socialist welfare state.

I gotta tell ya, it ain’t lookin’ good.

Helping those who cannot help themselves iin the form of charity is a fine thing but for it to have become a “right” of citizenship is not part of the ideals on which this country was founded.