Not Running a NAHI chapter

To Whom it may concern,

I am not now, nor have I ever run a NAHI Chapter, I did help form one here, and then they **** all over me and pulled a really nasty back stabbing trick on me, and I dropped em like a hot potato, I have not been a member of NAHI for a long time, but remember, their membership, like ASHI is getting their clock cleaned by NACHI, SO THEY LEAVE THE NAMES ON THEIR LIST to keep their counts up. I aplologize for any misunderstanding this has caused, I understand some remarks have been made about it. By the way, many of you know I was with ASHI as well. But guess what?? I dropped them too!! So I’m just a NACHI guy now, in the future, if you have any questions, just contact me directly. I’m all for what Nick has done, and have enjoyed doing stuff with him at the conferences, and I wholeheartedly support the changes he has brought for the new inspectors. I have worked my whole inspection career in a way that I have tried to assist the new guys, and what NACHI has been able to pull off is outstanding. I still teach inspection classes, and NACHI is overwhelmingly the choice for new inspectors. I applaud NACHI, NICK and all of you out there in these tough times.

This from one of our industry’s finest educators, Mike Nelson

Mike I met you in Colorado last year (2007) instructing/teaching the commercial course, you and the other NACHI members have made it a great time for me when I was there. It was an honor to met and get to know you, if memory serves me correct (I got sometimers, sometimes I remeber, somtimes I don’t…it works great on the wife!!!) we even stayed in the same hotel.
Don’t know what this is all about…none of my business…but I do hope our paths cross again…Thanks again for the course and meeting you.

Ditto what Robert said. It was great to meet you in Denver last year.

Thanks for the attaboys gentlemen, I look forward to seeing you again.


Remember, after drinking the NAHI or ASHI Kool-Aid, a good dose of epicac is advised.


You would not believe the phone calls I have been getting since I posted here, sheesh are you guys monitored by the other groups!! I had no idea how much they were watching you, that speaks to fear, I believe, and that just makes me laugh with a big old belly roar!! Go get em boys, a revolution now and then is a good thing, as an ex president once said, it redistributes the wealth!! yeeeeeeehaaaaawwwwwww!!

It is still listed on your web site
(" know I was with ASHI as well. But guess what?? I dropped them too!! ")

(" ")

… Cookie

When I met you in Denver {February 2007} you were the “ASHI inspector” teaching the ITA/Kaplan Certified Commercial Inspectors course. Every time you mentioned ASHI and or NAHI you spoke of them with respect and admiration.

**As a matter of fact whenever you spoke about any “Home Inspector’s Association” you were very careful not to come across as being biased or favoring any Association over another. **

  • I found you to be a complete gentleman and a “class act”.

I would like to add that your speaking/teaching skills were superior and that I found you to be a top-notch and highly professional trainer.
I for one feel that ASHI and NAHI have lost a good and valuable top-notch instructor and home inspector. Their loss is our gain!

**Welcome home!:stuck_out_tongue: **

I don’t know you but I have to agee with Frank, otherwise the crayolas…you know…no really…, it sounds like their loss, our gain. :smiley:


since I posted my message, I have been made aware that my signature included Kaplan Professional Schools, I want all to know this was my opinion only, and not the opinion of KAPLAN, I know we have our disagreements between associations, and my frustrations got the best of me. I try to maintain my professionalism at all times, and I lost it a bit on this one. I apologize to any offended, and wish to reiterate, that it was my opinion only. My signature has been changed to avoid any reflection on the Kaplan organization, who strives for the betterment of all inspectors. Kaplan has been very good to me and they did not deserve to be damaged by my rant.

I’m workin on it, boy is this a tough crowd or what?

It is indeed a tough crowd Mike but you are a class act. IMHO:D