Not sure of the concept.....

At yesterday’s inspection I found the deck joist hangers installed upside…not sure what the owner/builder was trying to accomplish with this multilevel deck/porch…I’ve seen a lot of decks, many with unique and interesting construction but this was a first for me.



Never ever seen that. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Is the other end of the deck cantilevered out past a beam?

Uplift protection…:smiley: They are wrong unless cantilevered…and even then you still have to follow the load path to find out why they installed that way.

That’s what I was thinking too. Or they didn’t read installation instructions.

No the deck was not cantilevered…as soon as I saw the hanger I turned around thinking I must have missed something…nope 2 support beams with no cantilever. First time ever for me…can’t figure out what they were thinking…the rest of the deck had issues as. This was one of those “looks nice from afar and in pictures” kind of a deck…but up close it was one thing after another.

The only thing that I can figure out is that this “builder” did not have a clue as to how to install this hardware.

In picture #1 it looks like he might have been “concerned” about the lack of room at the bottom of the joist. But… since the bottom of the hangar is not nailed “to the wall” that nullifies that concern and my theory.
I have to go back to… This “builder” did not have a clue as house to install this hardware. The longer you remain in this business the more strange things you’ll see. It sure keeps us on our toes doesn’t it!

Here is a link to a six part series from Lowe’s on “How to Build a Deck”. There is some good information here.

I hope this helps:nachi:


Thank you Frank

Mark… Do you have a pic with a broader overview?

Watching too many Tornado movies.:mrgreen: He was trying to prevent the joist from uplift.:shock:

They put those there so the grunt pushing them up there will have them in the right spot when nailed:roll:

As Ron white says “you can’t fix stupid”](

For Jeffrey Jonas. You asked for a picture with a broader view.

That’s what those photos are from:shock::shock: oh my. 4x6 posts? No posts for the stairs? Balusters? What else was wrong just wondering, and with the joist hangers wrong that’s scary.

Thanks Mark.

It definitely helps to see the context for which the close-ups are applied. I can now actually see a few locations (upper & lower level cantilevers) where someone may install the hangars as posted, and I may not be as concerned about it if in only a few locations as opposed to the entire structure.

I would love to have been there to see the entire deck in detail! Yoiks!

Alright I will bite so Jeff can you explain why you would not be so concerned as why would someone put a beam that would cause you to need to install hangers in that fashion and I do see the bottom that looks to be that way:shock:. I have never seen this or even heard of this

I’m heading out the door for the day, but here’s this for now…

Consider the fact that people tend to congregate at the railing of a deck, and not against the home wall…

If the railing happens to be above a cantilever, the weight of those people will be pressing down causing the other end of the joists/decking to want to uplift. (Think teeter-totter effect). Installing a few hangars in an upside down fashion will add a level of safety to the situation by preventing uplifting.

If I recall correctly in the original pic’s, the deck boards are also installed diagonally, which also assists in this safety measure, and would infer that not all hangars are installed in this manner.

Keep in mind, this is all “in theory”, thus my comment about “would have loved to see this deck in person”.

Hope that helps.

I get the teeter-totter effect and were people congregate, I just don’t understand why someone would put the beam that close for it to teeter-totter. Just trying to wrap my head around it as I get the in theory part for sure as that was the first thing I was thinking when Mark posted the 1st pic. Anyway I don’t expect you to explain why someone did something and I know you were not there, but it’s just plain wrong. Thanks have a good one:D

You forgot to read post#6 Jj.

No, I didn’t.

Even if two beams, a cantilever can still exist. Was curious of the distances.

Also, even with the pic posted, I cannot see the second beam. Can you?