Not sure that I fully understand this

This 4 inch pipe is connected to the main drain underneath the house and it reminds me of a dry vent stack that is on the outside of the home and unsupported. I’m not sure if I am correct and not sure how to write this up. What are s wrong with it too besides it’s not supported and looks crazy.

Since you’re not a licensed plumber in North Carolina why not just say requires further evaluation by a licensed plumbing contractor. It looks like it was a clean out and for some reason they decided to use the wrong type of rubber couplings and possibly make it into a vent that is unsupported. Without further information about the plumbing in the house it would be difficult to comment on this. Is the rest of the house vented?

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A plumber should investigate the unusual setup of the drainage cleanout/vent. Inquire with the seller as to what the heck that pipe is doing :smiley: Buyer should consult their attorney as to seller’s responsibility.

Hi, James. I bet you’re correct. But were there any other vent stack(s) observed coming through the plumbing system out through the roof. When that’s absent, I usually see this stack vent on the outside of the ouse, and by the look of the old asbestos shingle exterior, it’s an old house. Yeah?