not sure what it's

[FONT=Arial]Don’t come across to many of these, not sure what it’s.
Thanks in advance for your help. It is used to fill swimming pool with water.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) for back flow prevention of the pool auto fill system or possibly irrigation system…i wasn’t there to test either system

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removed post to get this…the unit depicted does not appear to be installed correctly…he PVB is designed to prevent backsiphonage only and requires the PVB to be installed 12” above the highest point of use or piping on the downstream of the assembly.

the green yellow thingy is a water Timer i think

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Larry got it right~ definitely a vacuum breaker. In illinois that is against code. All in ground spinkler systems or pool supplys must use double rpz check valves and must be tested annually. This vacuum breaker might be ok in yous state.