Not sure what this is....Please help!!

Can anyone tell me why this box is here? The wires for the Furnace run through it.

small pic.JPG

Scott, it looks like and old fuse panel has been gutted and is now being used a a “J” box, I see stuff like this all the time when the panels have been upgraded from fuses to breakers.



Sure Gerry, take my answer.

My other question would be, why in the world would there be bunches of wires in this box along with the wires to the breaker for the furnace?

…because there were other components/appliances being serviced through that fuse box at some point in time…wanna buy one of my world famous home inspection crystal balls :wink:

How much are they going for Barry???:stuck_out_tongue:

cheaper by the pound, i carry one in each pocket that way when i can’t find one i have proof i haven’t yet lost all of them :cool:

The box should be sealed shut, now that it’s a “junction” box.

Got it guys.

Thanks for the help.

Hell I waited 2 mins for you mate, if I’d have known you were going to show up 20 mins late I’d have waited :mrgreen:



Actually, that’s not true. It is now a hinged cover junction box. There is no requirement that a junction box require tools to remove the cover. You can buy a brand new hinged cover junction box (also known as a “cutout box” to the old-timers) at the supply house right now, and it’s legal to use. It might fall into the “good idea” category to screw the lid shut, but it’s not a requirement by any means.