Not sure

Is this for a plumbing vent, A downspout cleanout, An electrical…

The bathroom was on the inside wall & I thought they may be trying to vent.

Any help would be appreciated.

Looked like a unhandyman attempt for something I am not so sure off.

The downspout extension boot has been replaced thats why I thought they may be marking a clean out. My guess is that it is a bad attempt at a plumbing vent.


75406 Parma 005 (Small).jpg

It look like the outlet for the meter reader to record how much water has been used .
They do not need a solid hook up just get close ?
Roy Cooke sr

I’m pretty certain that plumbing vents have to penetrate the roof.

Is that PVC going into iron or more PVC?

If Iron… my guess would be oil tank vent (may be abandonned).

double post sorry guys

Dave, in the crop of your photo the pipe in question looks to be part of tent or something originally made in sections as it is swedged on the end to receive the next section. Not at all sure what the black piece is between that and the white PVC(seal, bushing?) with the cap on it. In any case I agree that it is a handyman’s special attempt at something. I’m sure it made sense to him. If you can’t determine where it enters the sturcture for some addtional clues, just disclaim it as unkown and move on.



Looks like a natural gas line that was not completed, or electrical conduit.

My guess would be a capped off sprinkler head for a lawn sprinkler system. That’s very common here in Florida.

This could be for filiing an oil tank

Looks too small for an oil filler pipe. Could be an electrical conduit that has been abandoned or for future use.

Looks like a ridged electric pipe on bottom.