Not too smart...

Here’s an idea…turn your three story high flat roof into a nice view deck by adding wall to wall decking. No need to ever inspect the roof again or even clean the now buried scuppers. You can simply keep an eye on roof conditions by looking for stains on the ceiling! :roll:

Hang out by the plumbing vents and learn to relax with sewer gases.


And when your in-laws are over put their chairs right next to that plumbing stack

why not just laminate about $100,000 in one dollar bills and just shingle that flat roof. man, the contractor must like the repeat business.

Hey, what about the trip hazard?

:wink: :wink: :wink:

You mean they didn’t put a table top on the plumbing stack? Slackers!!

Thats not a plumbing vent, it’s an umbrella holder.

If the deck is bolted together, hinged clean out doors at scuppers or drains, a good PVC roof membrane installed and guaranteed by a reputable roofing contractor, What is the problem? Replace the roof covering every 10-15 years and the deck is a wonderful thing.