Not Well

A long time supporter of the Home Inspection Industry
In Ontario and Canada is not doing well .
Our Thoughts go out to him and his Family .
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You all know Harry Janssen, long time previous CAHI President (as well as of OAHI). Harry has been experiencing heart problems for the last 8 months or so to the point where last November, the doctors implanted a 3 wire defibrillator. He went back to work doing inspections, however, had several fainting spells, so for some time, has had a driver drive him to inspections. His heart problems were not over, however; last week Wednesday, Harry was flown to Toronto General Hospital with liver & kidney failure. He was in critical condition, and is still today in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU).

I talked to him briefly on the phone last night. His voice was quite weak, but he is eating again, and walked down the hall for the first time yesterday, accompanied by a nurse. Prognosis is that he will need a heart transplant, but meantime, doctors are exploring other options. He is not expected to be going home soon.

If you want to send a card, the address is: Harry Janssen, Toronto General Hospital, CICU, 200 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, ON. M5G 2C4.

A floral arrangement will be sent to him from the CAHPI-National board today or tomorrow, with your best wishes and prayers for a complete recovery.

Thank you for sharing this post. Certainly Harry is well respected in our home inspection family. He will be undergoing a critical heart replacement operation this week. May your thoughts, prayers and good intentions be with one of my mentors and business partner.

In addition - both Harry and his wife have been through very trying times over the past years with their daughter who was critically injured and disabled by a climbing fall.

Attached photo of Harry, Nick and Ron January 2005



Known you since I first started as you were always friendly and offered good advice to me a newbie at that time.

My families thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Harry Janssen is not only the founder of home inspection industry in Ontario but also a great Teacher. I had a privilege of being his student in Humber College and I am very grateful to Harry for his knowledge, attitude and help. Harry, I wish you success at surgery. Get well, be strong!

Super guy, super individual. Had the opportunity to meet him once.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Harry.

Hi to all,

Like others here I have met Harry once and was impressed with his knowledge and commitment to our profession. I truely hope that he makes a good recovery from his heart surgery.

Best wishes


I have known Harry since 1991 when I got into this biz. Harry reviewed my reports way back when. He is also a competitor and I know we have both been called to reinspect each others work over the years. I was shocked to hear of his illness.

Harry as I have known him has always been cool, calm and collected and a gentleman.

Get well soon!