Notched microlam??

From what I read notching of a wood beam at the end like this is acceptable. Is the information I have correct? Is this true for a microlam?
This beam is made up of two microlams side by side. I didn’t take a measurement but it appears to be between 11 to 12 inches deep and the notch is 2 inches or less. I didn’t notice any cracking at the notch. Both ends where supported with treated 2x4s. The beam is located in the basement of a ranch style home.
Thank you

Notched beam.jpg

is the beam going thru the sheetrock, can’t tell ?

You are able to notch the beam up to 1/3rd it’s width at the end. I do like that they supported it at the end like that. Just hope the footing extends big enough to support it.


A Microlam does not have the generic cutting and notching requirement of solid lumber. Each manufacture states what is acceptable in their literature. Some allow no cutting.


There is no sheetrocke. What you see is a painted concrete wall. The remaining part of the beam is resting on the wall.


I found info on notching wood beams like this but no info on microlams.

With the double 2x bearing support and an adequate load path, I can’t see what damage the notching did.

Seems like an over kill for a support beam for a house and why did they think additional support was required, by adding those double studs?:):smiley:

just noticed post, 10-4

Looks like they did not make the beam pocket in the concrete wall deep enough to accept the beam without cutting it. Typically microlams should not be notched. The two 2 studs are providing sufficient support to transfer the loads of the beam to the footings.

I would have to agree with Rusty, Microlams do not allow to be notched and holes drilled only in the middle 1/3 of the span and center of the beam. Although as said the 2x4 should provide adequate additional support.

Beliece me, additional support is not required due to that notch. :wink: