Notched truss question...

Is this enough to consider having an evaluation done? It’s a Fink style non-engineered truss that has been notched to accommodate for the can.

Good photos & good question. I guess writing it up and informing your client is the best you can do. Your not a structral engineer. You did a good job finding and photographing it. That should be enough

Trusses are not to be altered “in any way” without a written approval from a registered design professional (R502.11.3-2003).

The client really should know. If he chooses to do nothing about it then that’s okay also.

I’d mention it and include a photo and give them the option of hiring a structrual engineer, but I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.
I can’t imagine that truss failing under conditions that are’t going to destroy the rest of the home structure, so to me it’s a minor issue.

I would also note it.
Although like Kenton said, the roof would not collapse if this chord let’s go, the fact that the chord notched is in tension and the other chord possibly in compression, they are on the wrong side of the ceiling joist.
Since this was a stick built truss, the truss chords should have been on opposite sides so the nails used are independent of each other and not acting against each other as in the photo.
As constructed, the nails are in shear on both members and one truss chord is at the mercy of the first one attached to the ceiling joist.

I don’t believe that notched web member would break even if you went up on the roof and jumped up and down. But that does not change the fact that it’s not supposed to be altered. I see cut web members all the time when a whole house fan is installed.
One or more truss web members are altered. Truss systems are manufactured in a controlled environment and are not supposed to be altered unless verified by a qualified contractor. Recommend evaluation by a qualified contractor *to determine if repairs or replacement are necessary.

No alteration to any truss unless advised by a structural engineer.

How about the floating junction box Jeff.?
How many feet long are those BX connections?(or greenfield)

I saw that too Bob. All I know is that on Commercial jobs, you are limited to six feet from fixture to fixture using MC. Any further, you need a fixed junction box.
This one is mounted to a bracket on the fixture, but we can’t see how far they go.
Good observation Bob. And a good question for the electrical guys. :slight_smile: