Note: Creating approval processes is just a way to disapprove of most everything.


Everytime you set up some sort of approval process, be it for instructors, or courses, or reporting software, or curriculums, or schools, or what have you… you really aren’t approving so much as you are disapproving EVERYTHING (except that which is approved).

Long live innovation and the freedom which generates it… even Canada isn’t Red China, yet.

Nick, There’s nothing wrong with innovation & freedom as long as it has restraints or some self control. With out it we would have kayos. Can you imagine if everyone did their own thing when it comes to stop lights, drinking & driving , you get my point. When our decisions affect the majority, consensus or approval in my opinion is a good thing. Doug

Well there doesn’t seem to be any consensus with the National Certification.

Respectfully things are subject to change - these include standards in our profession. If you sit still long enough you actually get to see them moving!

On the other side how many professions use some sort of approval process? The list is tremendous. At the same time as I stated earlier the terms of reference change based on new demands and outside forces - whether we like them or not.

It’s called competition. If you want to succeed you have to provide your customer with better service or product then the other fellow.
Government control leads to mediocrity.
Too much control becomes a dictatorship.
Any time a single entity gains complete control standards fall and quality declines.

I am convinced the biggest and Best Change I have seen in the Home Inspection Industry in Canada was when NACHI came to Canada .
It has started many people looking at what we had and what we should have .
Many new ideas are flowing in all directions some great and some not so great .
It will be interesting to see what the future holds for all of us.

Cookie… A HAPPY NACHI Member


Why does Canada want National, or at least talk about National Certification, instead of Provincial?

I could not see where you talking about ,but I and Raymond most certainly do not want The National Certification . This is some thing that is being brought out By CAHPI and their secret Group.
They the way we see it wish to have complete control of the home inspection industry in Canada. Ray and I have been trying to get full information on this for years .
Very Little has come out most from Ray and Myself digging and just constantly asking questions and publicizing what little we get.
Some from others who are afraid to let their names out for fear of the consequences.
I am Ray have been constantly chastised by the Directors of CAHPI and OAHI as they both are not letting their membership know the truth.
It sound like they wish to set up a two tier list of home Inspectors those in CAHPI and those out side CAHPI .
Talk of taking their exam $100.00 for CAHPI members and $1,100:00 for those out side CAHPI . also the public will know who the CAHPI members are but not who the Non members are .
The more we learn the stranger it gets .
I have been chastised by a CAHPI director and now trying intimidation .

NACHI gives the only true and balanced treatment of home inspectors in CANADA


At first I thought you had accidentally misspelled chaos, but then I saw that you did it purposely to prove a point. Very tricky of you!!

I now agree that everything needs to be controlled or else people may start spelling phonetically (which would be fonettikly).

The major objection many people have to the CAPHI philosophy is that no one in the whole wide world knows how to do inspections unless they have taken all the CAPHI courses and jumped through all of CAPHI’s obstacle courses. That’s Bull Sh!! and most intelligent people realize that.
Several comments on this thread tell me that the author believes that CAPHI’s agenda is a forgone conclusion. That is a false assumption.
I’m speaking from Experience. Nick and I attended the Home Inspection Business Advisory Committee in Edmonton, Alberta and you can rest assured there were some very disgruntled CAPHI. We blew the lid off the whole process and most of the none CAPHI committee were impressed with Nick’s presentation and I’m sure they will be asking for more input from NACHI.
All you people in all the other provinces better get off your butts, search out the government committees that are meeting with CAPHI and fine a way to make a NACHI presentation. If you do not, you better start planning for a career change.
The Government has to address the needs of all stake holders and they will if provided with an opportunity.
We started the ball rolling in Alberta. As a popular song says We have a long way to go and a short time to get there.
I worked for the government for many years and the one thing the government employee is terrified of is making a mistake. So if you approach them diplomatically with serious concerns they will welcome your input.