Notice to Sellers before inspection

Hey Jesse -
This is my standard email confirmation. Steal it if it helps.

Hello Nancy & Bruce Smith -
(cc to Realtor Jane Doe)

Concerning inspection:
116 Cypress Creek
Williamsburg, Virginia 23188

Confirmed: Monday, August 24, 2020 at 9:00am
Inspection Fee: 560.00

(Fee collected at time of inspection)
Forms of payment: Cash, Card, PayPal, or Check (made out to “All Property Evaluations” or “A.P.E.”).

Note: Add $10.00 service fee if paying with credit card or PayPal. If you would like to pay using your PayPal account, let me know through an email response and an invoice will be sent ASAP.

Here is a link to your Standard Inspection Agreement. This document explains the procedures and limitations of the property inspection. Your review and signature of this agreement is required in order for the inspection to be performed and/or for your inspection report to be delivered/transmitted. 1.Click on this link - 2. Read agreement - 3. Enter your email address (same email address used for the sending of ‘this’ email) - 4. Sign and submit.

[place InterNACHI agreement link here]

Strongly Recommended : To avoid risk of an incomplete inspection report, delays to any applicable inspection deadlines, and/or additional inspection fees - Client (or client agent) should confirm that all utilities are “on” and operable for inspection. Any necessary pilot lights should be lit for proper inspection of gas-fired equipment (such as: gas fireplaces, gas-fired water heaters). Property owners, property tenants, and involved Realtors should be alerted of the scheduled inspection . Access to building and any locked areas (such as foundation crawl space, storage areas, detached garage, commercial roofs, mechanical rooms, standby generators) should be confirmed. Property owners or tenants should be informed that the Property Inspection includes inspection of attic areas, water heaters, and HVAC equipment (furnaces, air-handlers), and these areas & equipment should be made accessible (such as clearing access of any stored items).

Here is a link that will explain what to expect with your All Property Evaluations home inspection. Here you will also find the INTERNACHI Standards of Practice:

All Property Evaluations - What to Expect with your Inspection

*** Important Information for Clients, Homeowners, and Realtors.

Please pass this information on to the property owner and/or the owner’s Realtor (if possible).

Per InterNACHI COVID-19 Safety Guidelines & suggestions.

Recommended During COVID-19 “Safe Distancing” Period.
To reduce risks, and to protect personal health & safety…

  • Restrict the number of people at the property and house being inspected (such as avoid bringing along friends, children, uninvolved family members).
  • Ask everyone to leave the house being inspected. If someone feels compelled to be at the house, ask them to stay outside or maintain a safe distance when indoors.
  • Ask the homeowner, seller, occupant to leave the house before you arrive to inspect the house.
  • Ask the Real Estate agents to not attend the inspection (if possible) OR to remain outdoors OR maintain a safe distance from the inspector and/or inspection clients.
  • Direct all present to maintain safe distance (6 feet/2 meters) from the inspector, and do not follow the inspector into enclosed areas (attics, crawlspaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.).
  • If you, or anyone in your household are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, do not attend the inspection.

Clients, Homeowners, Agents should understand that their A.P.E. Home Inspector (as always) is taking appropriate measures (gloves, facemask where necessary, sanitizing of self and uniform) to protect the health & safety of the Homeowner & Occupants, Inspection Client, Realtors, and Himself.

Thank You


That’s helpful, thank you! It was helpful to see that you handle it by telling the client and their agent to tell the seller’s agent and to frame it in “to avoid an incomplete report”.

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I have been at this since 1992, the old adage was to ask or deliver a letter of inspection asking that access be made to almost everything that is possible. Back then we would ask buyers agent to ask sellers agent to make components available. Well, what do you know, none of that gets done. When I do inspections my contact with the listing agent is to get combo to get in or make arrangements for inspection that’s when I request that most of the house will be accessible, due to the ineptness of most Realtors to move swiftly to confirm inspections they do not, so I take control. Most of the listing agents are happy to confirm with me because we are quicker to get things done. The one thing I harp on most is that the listing agents do not get water heaters strapped (required in our area) or ask their listing to install strapping at time of listing or before an inspection. If all did that there would not be any grief. Once you get known and a little more professional, contacting listing agent to make arrangements for inspection may be accepted by the listing agent and then you can just make sure what is accessible and not. Every time a Real Estate agent refuses to let me make arrangements, it usually turns into a mess. Be strong and professional talking with all agents and they will respond in your favor.

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I do email the listing (seller’s) agent when I can. It usually takes all of 1 minute to figure out who it is and get their email and phone number online while I’m setting up the inspection. I toss their info into my booking info and once the online agreement is “signed,” they get the auto generated email that basically says we have an inspection scheduled for their listed property at blank address on blank day and time. We ask that any pets be removed if possible and if not, they be secured for their safety and ours. To avoid an incomplete report and the expense of return visits, we ask that all utilities be on, appliances and fixtures be accessible and usable, and all areas be accessible. Please expect blank hours for the inspection to be completed. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
You get the idea. It takes about 1 minute to find and put their info into the system and its done. Not only does it help avoid some issues, it outlines expectations and if the agent doesn’t know you, it gets your name in front of them with a nice professional message thats helpful. Any marketing can be good marketing.