NoticeWare Reporter offers InterNACHI discount.

We are proud to be announcing to InterNACHI members our latest release of NoticeWare Reporter including NoticeWare Reporter Mobile.

Designed to create professional Home Inspection reports quickly and efficiently, on-site in the field or back in the office without a steep learning curve. Once you have created your reports, it’s easy to print them on-site, email them directly to the client using Noticeware Reporter Mobile or deliver them online through the cloud.

NoticeWare Reporter includes many options for the types of inspections that you are doing. Any type of inspection template can be downloaded from our site, adapted from existing templates or created from scratch, whether it be InterNACHI specific, single family homes, multi-family, condos, waste systems, pools and spas, new construction, or home warranty inspections.

If we don’t have your Home Inspection Report template, no problem! It’s simple to create your own using NoticeWare Reporter Desktop.

You can customize your reports simply by adding your logo and business name. Choose from different styles and colors for your printed reports so they tie directly into the look and feel of your business. The end product will be clean and professional looking. You will definitely get Noticed.

NoticeWare Reporter – Mobile for Android is the next generation in Home Inspection Software. It’s available for free with the purchase of NoticeWare Reporter Desktop and unlike our competitors, there are NO extra costs, NO cloud hosting fees and NO monthly fees.

Unlike many of our competitors offerings, NoticeWare Reporter Mobile can produce a PDF report right on the spot. There is no need to upload the file to your desktop or cloud host provider.

There is a video overview highlighting the features of Reporter Mobile available for viewing at:

The trial version of NoticeWare Reporter Desktop is available for download from:

The trial version of Noticeware Reporter Mobile is available for download from:

We are available to answer any questions you may have and appreciate any feedback.

Les Moll
Director of Sales and Marketing
NoticeWare Corporation

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I have been looking for a mobile inspection software for a while and tried pretty uch everything on the market that makes sense to me, always some aspects I dont like, since I alrready have a robust desktop software, I am in no hurry to jump the gun. Just like other important tools I have, I prefer to have redundant, just in case.

Here I have a few questions, I could ask via email, but on the mb it might help others as well.
Is it possible to collect data room by room but output it system by system, and merge identical problems, i.e. 5 different locations with windows pane seal failure.
If I make changes on the trail vesion, is it possible to carry it over to licensed version?