Notifications added to Real Estate Agent Referral Program

I hope it happens…what a great marketing technique for a top-NACHI Inspector!!

We just got approved in Oregon:

Don’t forget the rest of us !

We have applications filed across all of North America.

We just got approved in Washington State:

We just got approved in Alabama:

finally some goodies for alabama, ok give me some good info wording so i can create a flyer i can pass on to our real estate friends that pass out our names to our home inspection clients. As o what abt bob would say:give me give me give me…THANKS for the continued assocation help.

We just got approved in Alaska:

Email me at and I’ll design you a flyer for free.


And now Washington State, which previously approved InterNACHI as a course provider, has approved a particular course for 8 CEs for real estate agents:

Do you feel like TREC is going to play ball?

Yep. I don’t think they’ve ever denied an InterNACHI course approval.


Nick, did New Jersey get approved?

We’ll get them all eventually. We want every real estate agent in North America to visit InterNACHI’s website to get their free, approved continuing education. And of course, while here, we’ll continually remind them to visit to find a good home inspector in their neighborhood.

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

We just got approved in Mississippi:

We just got approved in New Hampshire:

Nick: Ive gotten a little bit lost on this… Im in NH and want to take advantage of this program. Where do I get the info or html form to add the portal to my website? And is there any info i can give realtors so they know how to sign up and what courses are offered? I thought I was paying attention to this program but somehow Ive lost it. Help me figuring how to get this program started.

Any chances of getting that marketing material for NH?