Notifications added to Real Estate Agent Referral Program

Jessaica, NH???

I’ll alert Jessica to this thread and have her make those cards for the states where we were recently awarded approvals.

I’m in the process of making cards for all states that have approvals. I’ll post an update on here when they’re available.

Thank you and it is much appreciated!

We just got approved in Oklahoma:

I don’t know who came up with this simple minded marketing idea but I must say its the best idea to come to the surface since I have been a member. :smiley:

Give TREC a nudge for me would ya? :slight_smile:

I have some ideas for this one too…

Charley writes:

I think you can guess.

Well its not complicated so that makes it a simple connection from inspector to Real Estate Agent and I can say without a doubt it was not Bushy’s idea;-)

Me two (also) this could be the one that pushed my business from one man to multiple and all from a horse pasture smack in the middle of no where;-)

We just got approval in North Carolina:

Come On…

We just got approved in New Jersey:

We just got approved in Tennessee:

Where is the state letter?
Your instructor education is posted.

TN Page not built yet? ?

I contacted the State of Tennessee to confirm that is the only documentation they issue, and that is all they issue… we did get approval.

are you going to create another page like Florida ( ? that we can use to link to?

Jessica is working on making cards like this: only for TN.

How bout a page like this: