Nova Scotia Chapter of InterNACHI meeting in Lower Sackville, NS on March 15, 2011.

Nova Scotia Chapter of InterNACHI.

I wonder who will be the first to ask if Brian is going?

I’ve already had an e-mail to that effect!!

It’s a great way to network and the education is second to none.

Invite me up in July!

If Joe is going up, I’m going with him.

You are both welcome to the South Shore. By the way Brian is not far down the road.


I’ll take that rocket ferry from Bar Harbour.

If Nick goes, maybe Brian will go…might have a better chance of winning the lottery though.

Nick and Brian on the same coast, could be interesting.

Regular folks are not allowed to carry concealed weapons in Canada!!

*I suggested that to him 2 years ago when the CAHPI AGM/conference was held in Halifax…No response.

He even offered to pay my way to Toronto for the “Inspector Success” show a few years back and join him at his table…it’ll take more than that!!! (It’s in these threads.)

Hi Brian,
All kidding aside, I think that the Atlantic InterNACHI group would appreciate having someone with your background and experience in it’s ranks. Just take the organisational politics out of the mix, after all we are all trying to do the best job possible.
I know you are concerned with where the industry is going and your contribution to the chapter would be make a difference.


Don’t ‘weasel’ out of your responsibilities. I think it would behoove you to be in attendance.