Nova Scotia Deck Collapse Injures Fifteen

Nova Scotia Deck Collapse Injures Fifteen

I wonder if this deck was ever inspected.

That deck was 3.5M high (10.5 ') and if you zoom in on the pictures you can see deck blocks, no permanent footings. The siding is continuous in one of the pictures. So the rim joist probably did not have flashing. The anchoring points probably were deteriorated slightly and I am willing to bet there were no leg bolts. That is what i could see from pictures supplied. Glad to see no one was killed, considering two were under the deck when it fell.

I am willing to bet they got a Code Inspector over there that waved his magic wand and said everything is OK.
I just have seen a deck that passed Code and scratched my head, How!!!:shock:

Joseph thanks that is good info.


Deck collapse subject of police investigation

September 24, 2013 - 5:54pm By THE CHRONICLE HERALD

last weekend’s injury-causing deck collapse in Dartmouth, Const. Pierre Bourdages, a Halifax Regional Police spokesman, said Tuesday.
Investigators are looking at whether the collapse constitutes an alleged case of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, Bourdages said.
The deck on a Green Village Lane house fell a storey to the ground at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday. Sixteen people were hurt; at least four had serious injuries.
A neighbour on the same street said her home’s deck collapsed four years ago.
Labour and Advanced Education Department personnel are helping police with their investigation, Bourdages said.

At the end Roy is very interesting.
Morris said officials are trying to determine how this matter will be investigated. Morris said he’ll be asking a city building inspector to have a look at the now collapsed deck.
Is this not sad as many passed decks all over with very little knowledge of safety.