November Home Hints Newsletter

I’ve had 2 calls today from past clients in a panic because they see an email from me titled Emergency Utility Shut Offs. They were viewing on their phones but the newsletter did not load properly. They thought there was a real emergency, LOL. The number of clicks ought to be really up this month. :slight_smile:

I didn’t get any calls from clients but it got my attention when I saw it in my e-mail.

Mine hasn’t been issued yet. Have you been getting any business from it? I find that a small percentage even look at it.

I do. I’ve had agents reply to the newsletter email asking to schedule an inspection (just being in the right place at the right time). I’ve also had past clients forward the email to friends needing an inspector. My guess is 30% on my list actually open the email.

Give it some time…

I have nearly 1000 subscribers to my HomeHints newsletter. On average, I get about 10 emails, and 5 or more calls every time it goes out. Quite honestly, it can almost be a nuisance - but one that I wouldn’t even consider cancelling.

That’s about the same with me Jeff. It does spark up an occasional job, but mostly only some emails and phone calls for advice…:frowning:


My comment about it being a nuisance was really “tongue-in-cheek.” I welcome the calls. I want to be the one people call for inspection-related advice.

A month or so ago I took an agent off my HomeHints distribution list since I had not heard from him in a year or so. He called me to ask what happened, he enjoyed HomeHints and was hoping I had not gone out of business or something. He just has not had any sales but wanted to stay in touch and to keep getting the newsletter so I put him back on the distribution list. HomeHints is one of the best marketing tools available in my opinion.

I am trying to sign up but have no idea if my lists are being sent. I placed my own email address in the queue and I didnt receive one.

What do you mean “trying to sign up”?

You don’t need to add your e-mail to the subscriber list. Are you using the HH Admin Console panel at

yes. my question is how do I know if the pending requests for subscribers are actually being sent - until someone accepts, so I added my own email address to see If I received one and I did not.

I tried to visit the site but Mc Afee warns that this is a suspicious site. How safe is it?

I just booked another commercial inspection because of the HomeHints newsletter my client received. He also loved my Home Gauge report!!! Thanks John and Russell.:wink:

Your problem is McAfee - McAfee sux. There are no issues with the site.

I agree with Jeff, McAfee is incorrect in this case, is perfectly safe.

Robert, you must be importing large subscriber lists. As far as I know that’s the only time a recipient has to ‘accept’ the subscription. Normally I just add clients and agents individually at the end of each month and there is no ‘acceptance procedure’ that I recall. Also, everything you could want to know about who got what newsletter and when it went out and all other statistics are there at the HomeHints Admin Console after you log in.

This company will charge your credit card a renewal fee for $299 without any notice whatsoever. Beware. I cancelled my subscription.

Joe, it’s true. We bill our subscriptions on a recurring monthly and/or an annual basis depending on what you choose. Paying annually saves you money so many people choose that. It’s all done automatically through PayPal.

Just like the monthly subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Here’s the link: Home Hints eNews subscription page

Forgive me for my earlier rant.

A have a number of subscription type services that renew automatically. It’s very common.

Amazon prime

Investment newsletters

My cable bill

etc. etc. etc.

Do you get a bill from your cable company prior to being charged??? I don’t get a bill from Homehints and no chance to unsubscribe 1st. I guess I should keep better records.