Now Accepting Best Defect Pictures for September

Submitt your best Pics here for September.

Thanks for the participation. :):smiley:

A few were posted on another thread. I suggested they get them over here!

My first Quadruplets

Quadruple tap followed by a double tap. Time to buy a couple of breakers.

This was in a Commercial Property (Church)

This doesn’t include there were different brands of breakers in the panel.

Hey Drew, the picture got tapped right out of the scene. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

I see what you mean! I have always had trouble attaching full sized images. :|.)

Quad Tap.JPG

I guess the donations must have been a little slow at the collection. :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s the best or even unique but you gotta love the obvious.

Thomas, you’re too picky. It worked didn’t it? :):wink:


The plastic vent hoses for the adjacent hall and master baths were taped together in the attic connecting the two bath fans. Best part is the roof jacks were RIGHT THERE! :eek:

Washer drain pipe connection, house on septic washer in basement…

What do you mean the beam needs support, there’s a column right there…

In southern Missouri you get what you pay for…

Tried one end, left his jack and never came back.



Never mind that fact the oil tanks are sitting in water…

How much does it cost to heat this house!!!

This was an Insurance inspection, so no need to get closer than the ground for a pic. But there are 4 distinct colors (repairs) to this roof. Time to just replace it, I think. Both sides look similar.

My best guess is that the adjacent trees caused the damage to this chimney.

The porch has a “small” structural problem!!!

Nice pictures guys.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Wow :shock:

I agree John.

Why would anyone go through the expense of doing an exterior system with a sinking porch then add windows level in the openings to make it look even worse.

Man, takes all kinds. :):wink: