Now accepting Best Defect Pictures for September

Post your Best Defect Picture for September. :slight_smile:

Here are a couple to start off.

Chris I. Kenyon
Redneck county approved pivoting water heater support base.

Roy Lewis

Don’t worry about it Clem !
They will never get under here to see it.
Just put that broken block under it and balance the rest on it.
It’ll hold.

This should holder :smiley:


live wires hanging…

Former location for electric range, they moved the range and decided to extend the circuit like this…:mrgreen:

electric oven wire.JPG

electric oven wire.JPG

Odd type of double tap. There was stand wiring twisted around conductor.


Everyone must be busy.

How about a home made HRV, me think Charley B designed that one…:p;-)

It even has drain line (s) going to a bucket!

pic 133 - left side view
pic 134 - front view with instructions attached
pic 131 - inside view

HE furnace vent, I gave the outside portion a light tug and it pulled off in my hand. I could only get my hand with a camera above the hard lid to see this.

Good catch, happen to me a few weeks ago except that it was the HE furnace and WH vents. House was vacant, maybe the homeowner…

Dual purpose venting 4" bathroom exhaust fan vent is connected to a 2" plumbing vent.

That’s some reduction,I wonder does it whistle or blow back through the drains

This could delay the lawn cutting or a be trip issue, or melt the siding or it could just be just wrong lol:shock:

Well ! Wilber !
Look at what you went and done now ! Froze up the freezer!
How in the heck are we goona put that in our beer cooler !

That is a solid block of ice from front to back.

Narrative ?

At time of inspection the freezer was frozen shut, and upon careful consideration and against counsel , the Client decided to just snatch it open .
Hence ,Discovering this big *** block of ICE.:D.
After takin’ pictures and gawking at it for a moment the Client tried to shut the door , but it would not come close to shutting .
In Addition. The Client being unable to shut the thing decided to beat it out with a hammer.
As I was approaching the final part of the inspection, he got it out and proceeded to put it in his beer cooler.
Good job Wilber !

They must have proud to pack these suckers together so tightly, except, uh, well, who needs access to a furnace anyhow!:roll:

Not to mention the missing discharge pipe!


Just use the golf club handle to operate the switch. It’s insulated so you won’t get shocked…

That’s great, are the club shafts metal of fiberglass? :slight_smile:

Nice one guys, I will be running the Poll tomorrow, so post away your defects. :slight_smile:

A “new” drain line…and other issues.

WoW! That one is hilarious!