Now accepting Best Defect Pictures for September

That is a good one, never seen one like that before. Surprised it did not leak. :slight_smile:

I vote this to be the best defect!
What the heck were they thinkin’.
You must have smiled when you opened that door.

I don’t think this was a “thinkin’” kind of operation!:eek:

Roy, cast your vote when I post it tomorrow, and did you mention thinking as Tom mentioned?:slight_smile:

Brother !
It is late in the day and after doing 3 inspects and workin’ on the reports. I ain’t got a clue as to what you are referring to.
I’ll answer in the AM, But I vote number one for that so called sink assembly if that is what it is.
Ah Huh ! but the one I posted as #2 …Smile .

A few more…this is what 600K gets you…

lol, Mike, they were metal! :|.) /Sadly, the Homeowner was a widow and actually had the rubber handled clubs there because she kept getting shocked when operating the switch from her wheelchair. The inspection was not too far, so I went home and got a J Box, mounted it, and installed the switch for her.

Now the switch will probably fail and I’ll get sued over it. :roll:

Eric C. Van and Roy Lewis, I have run the Poll for Septembe voting and only allowed 1 defect per month.
I chose the first one submitted, but you are welcome to run the others in October.

Thanks for the participation. :slight_smile:

I think the first one is enough! :smiley:

Thanks Marcel!

My foundation had a small crack starting to appear, so I decided to add some lally columns. Does anyone know the working lateral pressure a lally column can withstand? How 'bout the bolt in the floor joist? And should I seal the small crack with a quality, urethane caulk or perhaps sprayfoam insulation would work better in this situation?

This “circuit” was used/created to energize a garage door opener (that had an operational light about 2 feet away):mrgreen:

Great find now when you open the door the light comes on Nice …

Thanks … Roy

Nice one guys, but the Poll is running for September.

Vote Here;

I will carry over your defects for October when the time comes.

Thanks for participating. :slight_smile:

They didn’t watch the YouTube video on DIY roof repair.