Now accepting Nominations for Best Defect Picture for August

With a very low participation rate for this Award, I will continue to post until December in all fairness to the Members that have participated in the Program.

Now please take a moment to submit your Best Defect Picture for August. :slight_smile:

Client said electrician verified the panel and said everything is good!

That 60 amps. fuse is protecting stove circuit (8 gauge), 30 amps. protecting 14 gauge wire…

Electrician even placed is business info on the panel.

We noted: In the kitchen drawer what appears to be a critter nest. No critter was present at the time of this inspection. We recommend a pest control contractor evaluate further.

don’t want to make a hole in the roof for the vent? No problem!


Some previous homeowner tried to tie in the bathroom exhaust into a sanitary tee which, was tied into the plumbing vent. It didn’t work.

Is the car all the way in yet? No. A little further and we’re good. :mrgreen::shock:

That’s sad! From day one on the MB this has been one of my favorite threads.

The awards committee has been going for almost ten years .
Was extremely active for the about seven year’s and has been slowly ( like many other things on this board ) had less participating by the membership.
Sad to say It looks like our forum has changed big time .
WE as a group have been very lucky to get along well it is sad to see the very low participation by the membership.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

Nick has been great and always given us what we have asked for.

83 year old bachelor died suddenly in his front yard. His cousin inherited his house. Besides the mess, mouse droppings and this throughout the entire basement, the house was in pretty good shape. :shock:

That’s really funny!:smiley: thanks for the laugh.

Here’s one for the book!
A wood stove vented into a forced air furnace heat supply duct.

“I was wondering why there were sparks flying from the registers”

Did they smoke meat in this home too.

Good one always new hazards Thanks… Roy

BBQ Squirrel anyone???


It was just a little drip

Wow! That is a good colony.
Thanks Troy. :slight_smile:

I have a few classic pics from today!!

The underwear elastic to a hanging device to extension cords to the light pull chain is a classic.

Also the attic being modified as you can see the old roof line at chimney!!

The 3rd pic was all over the basement. (extension cord city) Dam that Uncle Fester!

249113 083 (Small).JPG

249113 108 (Small).JPG

Uncle-Fester (Small).jpg

249113 093 (Small).JPG

Love it thanks David

Thanks David:)

Realtor told buyers shingles were O.K. for a few more years! WOW!

Is it how long it will last or how soon it will leak is the question. :mrgreen:

Thanks Ron