Now I knew why I woke up, early.

Woke up this morning, around 4:00 AM. Heard some movement in the house and though that the darn cats were messing with stuff. Went back to sleep.

But, the real reason, we had an earthquake!

Go figure.

That should help with inspections today by knocking the snow off the roofs. :smiley:

Weird phenomenon all over the place:

Devastating Winter Storm Hits Valley of the Sun

With all the news lately about the subzero weather and snow that
the Midwest and east coast areas are experiencing, we shouldn’t
forget that Phoenix also has its share of devastating weather this winter.

Attached is a photo showing damage to a home from a recent storm that
passed through the Phoenix area. It really makes you cherish what you have,
and reminds us not to take life for granted.

See attached photo.

My wife and I thought a snow plow truck slammed into a parked car. :shock:

WOW!! What devastation!!! That entire chair is turned over!;-):slight_smile:

A Christian Scientist would say to leave it alone as it will heal itself.

It has to do with global warming. I swear.

I barely survived this Storm Doug, thank God I was able to put on a pair of long pants and make it through unscathed. :smiley:

You never know. That’s two tremors since the middle of summer for us. Prior to that I don’t recall one in 30 years…

An area forming a triangle between Carbondale, IL, Memphis and St. Louis has one of the largest earth crust faults in the world. The San Madrid fault line. A quake hit this area in the 1800’s and supposedly rang church bells in the Philadelphia area. Is it 2012 yet?

The winter storms - yes.

The earthquakes. I don’t think so. Unless they are caused by mutated neutrinos that are now being attenuated by the earth’s core, causing it to heat like in a microwave oven. The expanding magma is pushing on the earth’s tectonic plates. It’s not global warming, but we should write a book. Might be able to sell it as a movie.

Neutrinos pass right through everything.

Oh wait or is that the Cereal?
They pass right through too.

According to newspaper reports, the Mississippi river ran north (backwards) for about 4 hours until it adjusted to a new course.

Glad to hear it. I thought of you immediately when I saw the news. I heard a couple of people actually got wet. Well, damp actually, not wet wet.

Ohhh! That poor chair! The HORROR! :frowning:

THat’s what I like about this boaqrd. Most of you guys have as sick a sense of humor as I do.

Bless you all!

It’s global warming! Don’t you get it? :mrgreen: