Now I've seen Everything

Yesterday’s inspection had Wirsbo in floor heat throughout the basement, main and second floors of this 1995 home. Was looking for the boiler inside the basement and no luck. Went about my business and finished up inside and decided to make a final walk around the exterior of property, and secluded in the woods was this, An old wood stove boiler the owner was using for heat. All’s I can say now is unbelieveable!

A friend of mine is a boilermaker, he has been talking for years about doing something like this (kinda looks like his work too). Was once a very common method for heating large buildings in the old days, especially when there are several buildings close together.

You might want to ask the seller if he has a first class steam ticket :slight_smile:

Take a stroll through the Vendor areas of your County/State fair. There is usually a vendor that sells this basic setup… boiler setup in a small outbuilding…


Don’t count on it - (having seen everything that is)

I inspected a pretty nice home recently that had this setup, wood fired boiler, though it was a larger building. It was able to heat the entire house, 2500 plus sq ft. The metal building was in the back yard about 25 feet from house. They also had a similar boiler setup to heat a 30x50 pole barn used to restore automobiles.

Here’s some pics from an inspection last year in southern Maryland. 9 year old electronically controlled wood boiler, with a zoned distribution system and it also attached to the water heater to save electricity there. The system was really well thought out, with radiant floor heat throughout. The owner said that he would throw a few 4’ logs in the boiler every morning, and the boiler would keep things going for at least 24 hours.

Wood Boiler.bmp (225 KB)

Distribution System.bmp (225 KB)

Water Heater.bmp (225 KB)